Smokey Mountain Cooker 57 CM

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  • Plated steel cooking grate & Heavy-gauge steel fuel grate
  • Rust-resistant aluminium dampers & legs
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handles
  • DIMENSIONS - LID CLOSED (CM) 123.2H X 58.5W X 6 D

Smoke more succulent meat at once while adding delicious flavour to almost any food with Weber’s largest smoke cooker. Built with two 57-cm plated steel cooking grates that stack within its unique bullet-shaped chamber, this model is perfect for outdoor chefs who are serious about smoking enough meaty ribs, succulent salmon, mouth-watering pulled pork, and even smoky, flavourful cheeses. Its height keeps food an appropriate distance from your fuel source, while its water pan catches drippings, creates steam, and stabilises temperature – adding moisture and maintaining a low-and-slow temperature for hours at a time. There is a Built-in lid thermometer & this model even features a silicone temperature grommet, which allows you to insert a meat probe to check your meat’s temperature without lifting the lid, keeping your heat super steady. In the bottom of the cooking chamber, a heavy-gauge steel charcoal grate holds large amounts of hot burning briquettes without warping – its bars are close enough together to keep even diminishing coals from falling through. Plus, you can add fuel to the charcoal chamber at any time through the rust-resistant aluminium fuel door.
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